The second XMan summer camp was held at the awards ceremony!

        August 20, the second phase of the XMan summer camp the third stage of the final test, the opening of the offensive and defensive tournament in Nanjing Valley Valley future network town, after 7 hours of competition, spicy incense pilgrims all over the cliffs, won the third stage assessment Champion, with the game ended, the current summer camp of all courses ended.

Offensive and defensive final results

The first team to join the team spicy incense pot to accept the audience congratulations

        Based on the performance of each student in the summer camp, the final points of the various stages of the accumulated points, the award ceremony was issued three weeks summer camp three stages of individual qualifying, bounty hunter match, camp match against the excellent certificate, based on full performance 16 scholars were given special scholarships, first and second class scholarships, including special scholarships are funded by six outstanding students to participate in the XCTF Singapore station overseas international competition.