Attention! Registration for X-Man summer camp screening is ending!

Details of XMan camp screening


July 16, 9:00-17:00



Online CTF problem solving



A total of 6 types of questions, including Web security, Pwn + RE + Mobile, Crypto + Misc, are ranked in the three directions, each of which has 10 or so titles, and only examines the basic knowledge points in each direction.



1. The event is the form of CTF problem solving, and the dynamic score is used. The score of each title will be dynamically graded according to the number of teams solved.

2. The rank of individual scores is the same, ordered by the score of integration of total topics.

3. The form of FLAG is XCTF {. +}, please submit complete FLAG containing XCTF {}.



In the final competition, there were 100 places in the top 50 cities in nanjing. Each battalion plans to recruit Web15 people, Pwn + RE + Mobile20, Crypto + Misc15 (the organizer reserves the right to adjust the number of applicants according to the actual situation).

Entries should have basic computer knowledge, understand the Linux based operating, a basic understanding of the trend of the network security, it is better for the CTF tournament experience, the most important thing is to great enthusiasm for network security (which is the biggest motivation) urge you to learn.