It is dangerous to have no password on the phone

National Network Security Technology Competition on the 21st decision of the quarterfinals, from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States 468 teams, more than 2,500 hackers online sports. In this country's largest hacker contest, the mobile phone security attack and defense as the main points. Top hackers to remind mobile phone users, want to become safe mobile phone, you must change the three habits: no boot password, chaos rub network, information memory card.
An insider phone code for the implant, hackers can remotely steal all the information inside the machine, free to broadcast the phone, send and receive text messages, Internet, easy to manipulate the phone, and the owner no awareness. Blue Lotus team is the world's top hacker contest DFFCONCTF made the best ranking of the Chinese team, its leader Zhuge Jianwei introduction, ordinary people generally do not become a hacker target, but the proposed smart phone users are set to boot password. Boot password, even if the phone is lost, unlock the password at least an hour, which for the phone reported loss, clear the phone information to win the time. Moreover, the boot password to prevent others from using a short-term separation of human, install the secret software to capture mobile phone memory information. Use public WIFI as far as possible not to pay online, WIFI all transmission is clear text transmission, even low-level hackers can sniff to the Internet information records. In addition, as much as possible the existence of important information on the phone rather than sim card, which is less secure.
The decision of the quarter-finals will be May 2 - 4 in Nanjing Jiangning Branch community for the final duel, intends to observe the scene of hackers can be signed by next month.