XCTF - XMan is perfect for future summer camp

        On August 28, by the ministry of education of higher school teaching steering committee to guide, XCTF league launched with general host Cyber Peace  ledge, zhejiang university, yongxin sincere assisted XCTF - XMan "offensive and defensive future" special training camp in the final battle - completion report, 13 team in university, 54 XMan gathered a fierce fight.

During the 20-day intensive course, XMan summer camp explained and trained the basic questions and techniques of CTF, such as PWN, Web, RE, Crypto, MISC, MOBILE, IOT, etc.Many famous enterprises brought about by the higher-ups "CTF game player with enterprises how to practice" series seminar, the hole mining, Web security, mobile security, Internet security and so on has carried on the comprehensive and in-depth introduction, build Bridges CTF and enterprise security; The "war and sharing" practice, which just ended, was a solid practice and confrontation between teams, so that the campers could find their own shortcomings through actual combat tests. And the conclusion of the completion of the report is a final matchup between the needle and the mak, and it is the most important thing for XMan to prove his stage.

        At 9 am on time each match, a team quickly enter the state, the Lancet from buaa team first to take a blood, other teams have not to be outdone, one after another fire, change several times ranking and combat abnormal stalemate, for a while, fire flying, Star Wars, in sight!

At 4 PM, picture frames, with live games ended the seven hours of fighting, buaa Lancet team performance, withstood the strong kickback, kung pao chicken team won the game with 4845.2 first, China's public security university kung pao chicken team narrowly won the second, pity xiamen university of Phoenix, tsinghua bauhinia placed third, fourth.

After you greatly speech went into the award of the anticipated link, XMan camp organisers on behalf of jianwei zhuge teacher, yongxin sincere technical director magic springs, the most popular with students jin-xin wang teacher students respectively award for groups from one, two, three!Professor li zhoujun awarded individual prizes to students: one, two, three!

XCTF XMan summer camp with everyone's applause, laughter ended, the scene of the staff say goodbye to shake hands with each of the campers, everyone with a not shed, the friendship, the revolution in summer harvest and leave left the camp to the dreams of the future.

They came here 21 days ago, expecting to be able to gain their friendship and growth in this hot summer in Beijing.

Today, they complete the completion of the report race, each running to chase the dream of guarding cyber security.