Top network security contest BCTF "Baidu Cup" decided eight teams from six teams

Recently, by Baidu company sponsor, Tsinghua Peking University security experts to provide technical support, Blue Lotus clan proposition, Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning), CyberPeace hosted the country's largest flagship mode network security technology contest BCTF qualifying (preliminary) end, from Shanghai University of China Oops team, Taiwan University 217 team, multi-university combination of Sigma clan and other eight teams stand out, successfully promoted to the quarterfinals final preparations, of which six teams from the college clan. After nearly three months of college tour and registration, BCTF "Baidu Cup" network security technology contest on March 8 officially launched qualifying. The competition attracted more than 2,500 teams from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States, bringing together more than 2,500 network security experts and hackers, the team members from the famous universities, Internet and network security companies, network geek team The After two days of intense competition, more than 400 teams have 392 teams have achieved results, from the university team in the competition to show the overall level is better than other teams. In the end, Shanghai Jiaotong University Oops clan with a total score of 5220 points to obtain the first qualifying, Taiwan University 217 team to 5170 points ranked second, finalists before the final eight teams score more than 3000 points.